Leon Rock, M. Ed.


I am a Community Development Guru (Subject Matter Expert)  who works with citizens, nonprofits, faith-based organizations, city, county, state, and Federal agencies to successfully help rebuild urban, suburban, and rural communities while preserving affordable housing and developing economic development and special capacity building programs. 


My mission is to help my clients achieve their nonprofit organizational objectives by providing innovative, best-in-class community development consulting, expert subject matter expertise, and problem-solving solutions. 


I invision a country in which all individuals, communities, and peoples work toward the protection and full expression of their human rights; are active participants in the decisions that affect them and their communities; share equitably in the knowledge, wealth, and resources of society; and are free to achieve their full potential.


I remain a pragmatic idealist who wants to change American cities and towns for the better. Connecting community-building dots has been my personal commitment for over 4 decades. I am committed to assisting in empowering residents, community-based organizations, and connecting them with local area nonprofits, businesses, foundations, and government agencies to become active stakeholders in their communities' future.

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  • Nonprofit Organizational Development

  • Strategic Planning To Stop Involuntary Displacement Through Gentrification

  • ​Non-Profit Operations Management

  • ​Nonprofit ​Sustainability

  • ​Strategic Planning

  • ​Nonprofit Branding

  • Nonprofit Executive Coaching

  • Community Economic Development

  • Mixed-Use Neighborhood Development

  • Resident Engagement Strategies

  • Digital Divide Special Projects

  • Grant Writing/Training

  • Faith-based Organizational Development

  • Community Outreach and Community Empowerment Training

  • Community capacity building

  • Grant and project management

  • Event planning and management

  • General operations streamlining

  • Specialized community engagement, especially with disadvantaged groups

  • Reentry planning for women, men, and young adults