Community and Economic Development Consultant

Leon Nathaniel Rock, M. Ed. is a highly regarded, respected and experienced housing and community economic development consultant.  He has successfully managed over 50 Federal Housing and Community Development technical projects throughout the United States. He has served as a grant writer, senior consultant, senior associate and principal consultant to dozens of non profits, community development corporations, resident organizations and Federal agencies. Rock has worked with the Resensellar, Greene County and the Seattle Housing Authority to conduct operational reviews of their Section 8 departments for the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.  

Rock holds a Bachelor's degree from the University of Massachusetts, College of Public and Community Service and a Master's degree from Cambridge College, Cambridge, Massachusetts.  

About Community Development Guru

As a Community Development Guru, Leon Nathaniel Rock (Rock) works with citizens, nonprofits, along with faith-based organizations, city, county, state and Federal agencies to help rebuild urban neighborhoods and communities while preserving affordable housing and developing economic development programs. For over three decades Rock has developed sustainable community capacity  building plans and implementation efforts throughout the United States.  

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