Community and Economic Development Consultant

Guru:  a gu·ru: is a teacher, especially one who imparts initiation. A guru is also a teacher, tutor, mentor, spiritual leader, leader, master; an influential teacher or popular expert.

Leon Nathaniel Rock is a Community Development Guru. He works to help foster local economic development, neighborhood economic improvement, individual self-sufficiency and community capacity. As a uniquely qualified multidisciplinary urban community building consultant he aims to improve the way nonprofits, government, faith-based organizations and other community stakeholders realize the mutual benefits of community planning, community development and community-building.  

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He is assisting citizens, governments, nonprofits, residents and other stakeholders rebuild neighborhoods.

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Rock is a community and economic development subject matter expert. He is making a difference in communities, one community at a time. Learn more...

As a community development guru, Rock has extensive experience in urban community development. 
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